want your cuts and your fridges as cold as ice?

Introducing Yotabby Cold Chain

Industrial Grade Monitoring, right at your phone.

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Whatever needs to stay cold, we will make sure it always is.

24/7 Cold Chain Monitoring, right at the palm of your hand.

We get it, you worry about power failiures, equipment damage and most importantly, your cuts getting warm and eventually spoiled.


Monitor your cold chain's parameters such as temperature and humidity, and get alerts on time, even when there is no power.

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Powered by the most powerful sensor ever. Made by us.

For our solutions, our proprietary Yotabby module

Precision engineering, fine tuning and hours upon hours of testing, made our sensor lead the way for the IoT space.

Being IP67 rated, it is certain that it will last for years to come.

Paired with our custom software and firmware, it makes for the most powerful cold chain monitoring solution out there.


InviBIT has you covered even when you sleep

Our experience says it all. 

With over 12 years of experience in the electronics industry and 30 years of experience from our team members, we can assure you that the solution you ask for, will be provided by us with the highest quality and customer satisfaction standards out there.

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